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I'm Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics at Western Washington University.I'm a syntactician by training (University of Arizona and University of Washington); my early work was on question formation, specifically wh-movementand I worked with speakers of the Athabaskan language, Babine-Witsuwit’en, especially Mabel Forsythe, Lillian Naziel, and George Holland. I have also done some work on Salish languages, spoken throughout the Salish Sea region. I remain very interested in both of these language families and in learning more about these language communities' language teaching and revitalization projects.
My more recent research agenda involves the integration of linguistic knowledge into K-12 teaching. I am involved in a number of projects that work toward this common goal. See the Ling in Education tab for more info!
Growing out of this work with teachers, teacher education, and K-12 students, I have become more involved  in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. See here for a useful resource on scholarly teaching in linguistics growing out of that collaborative work.

Western students, prospective students, alumni, I'm happy to talk with you - please contact me by email.
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