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Courses I Regularly Teach

Eng 270: Language and Society

Eng 370: Introduction to Language

LING 201: Introduction to Linguistics

HNRS 217: Colloquium in Linguistics

Ling 321: Syntax

Eng 436/Ling 402: The Structure of English

Eng 438/Ling 402: The Cultural History of English

Eng 439/Ling 402: Topics in Language and Linguistics

The Morphology and Syntax of Native North American Languages


Advanced Syntax

Puget Sound Language, Literature, and Culture

Puget Sound Salish Literature and Its Use in Language Teaching and Revitalization

Dialect in Writing

Dialect, Literacy, and Standardization 

Lushootseed Language, Literature, and Translation

Eng 400 and Ling 400 Independent Studies

Syntax and Writing


Language in Education

Grammar in the Elementary School

Linguistics in the Schools 


All course information is available on Canvas for WWU students. For more information about any of these classes, contact me.